Testimonials from our customers…

This is the company that we call

“We hired Showalter Construction when we purchased a house built in the 1930’s. We gutted the kitchen and master bath, among many other things that needed attention. It turned out beautiful. Whenever we need anything done to the house, this is the company that we call.” – Stephanie Kilton

Great guys, quality work

“I’ve had Robert and crew respond twice to claims I’ve had to have worked at my home. Great guys, quality work and Robert is an ethical and honest guy. Use these guys if you need this kind of work done. They go the extra mile.” – Don L.

Showalter Construction was there with me all the way

“Robert and his crew of talented craftsmen replaced and updated my entire kitchen after extensive water damage. I am extremely detail oriented and they met every expectation. The entire restoration in the end was over 30K. From initial damage estimation and coordination with my insurance company and mortgage company to a radical, awesome kitchen redesign, Showalter Construction was there with me all the way. In progress and last minute changes by me did not phase him at all. Very professional and detailed, I could not have asked for a better experience. I would highly recommend. Robert knows when and where to be to ensure the project is completed to exceed expectations. Very rarely do I offer to provide myself as a reference — in this case, I insisted. His staff was always attentive and quick to respond to any question. If you want a high energy, professional, and caring contractor Robert and Showalter Construction is your team. I enjoy my new kitchen every day! Thanks again to Robert, Ashley, Mitzi, and team lead David. I should add also Robert is a Navy Veteran and easily connects with other Veterans like me — he speaks our language and shares our values.” – Christopher Leyda

This company is very customer friendly

“I had a water pipe break under my tile floor. Robert came to my home and he knew what needed to be done to save my tile and repair the damage . His crew could not have been nicer and he helped me with my insurance company to make sure my home was back to normal. He called to make sure I knew when workers would be here. I feel very lucky to have found Showalter Construction and Robert. The ladies in the office were very nice when they called. This company is very customer friendly and they let you know they value you. Thank you Robert and your crew.” – Kay Rynear

We hired Showalter Construction

“We hired Showalter Construction after water damage to our kitchen. The owner Robert helped deal with the headaches with the insurance company and was there to answer our many questions along the way. His office crew (Ashley, Mitzi) are really great too, very friendly and helpful. Our project manager David was also attentive to details and made sure we were happy and understood what was being done. The kitchen looks beautiful and we are happy we worked with Showalter Construction.” – John Hardesty

They turned a nightmare into a blessing

“Showalter Construction handled my entire extensive remodel after a dishwasher leak. Robert was at the house a lot checking the work out; he’s a perfectionist! His office staff are so kind and courteous. I appreciated the way the crews cleaned up completely each day, were professional, and excellent in their respective fields. They turned a nightmare into a blessing. My remodeled kitchen and adjoining rooms are absolutely gorgeous, like something out of a magazine!” – Tammy Ferguson

It was a true blessing…

“Robert & his staff were by far the most outstanding people I’ve ever had to consult with. After purchasing a home, we sustained a major water leak that left us clueless as to what to do next. Showalter Construction was recommended to us & that was the best decision we could have made. Robert went above & beyond to let us know step by step what would occur & also what to expect. He assured me that everything would be perfect & it was! In a time of need such as that, it was a true blessing to have such wonderful people assisting us every step of the way. I cannot express my gratitude enough!” – Dawn A.

I had water damage at one of…

“No one ever wants an incident that involves a situation that can be overwhelming. I had water damage at one of my homes at the time I was completing some updating of flooring and painting. Well, Showalter Construction aided in making a stressful situation much more manageable. They made accommodations to meet me and explain the process without hesitation. I am very pleased with the work they completed. I want to commend them for the professionalism which seems to be rare these days. Even after the job was completed they took the time to follow up four months later to ensure no concerns on my side in relation to the work they had completed. Job WELL DONE! ” – Yolanda H.

The end result is wonderful!

“We had a pipe break in our laundry room on a Saturday afternoon in late April 2016. The house shut off valve broke and we were unable to locate the main shut off that was underground. The water ran into our house for several hours and flooded the majority of our home. Robert Showalter came highly recommended by the water extraction company and Robert was at our house late Saturday evening to inspect the damage. He prepared a detailed proposal and worked directly with our insurance company for approval. This was a long process from start to approval. He and his staff kept us updated on every issue during this time. They handled the entire process with our insurance company which took a lot of stress and time off our backs. His proposal was finally approved and reconstruction started in early August 2016. We had been living on concrete floors until this time. The entire job was completed by his crew in about a week. We ended up with a complete paint job on all rooms, new flooring (laminate, vinyl and carpeting) and new baseboards. All of the kitchen cabinets and both bathroom vanities were replaced. The crew was very professional, courteous, helpful and worked around us so we were able to live in our home during the entire process. Can’t say enough good things about the crew! The end result is wonderful! Everything was done as promised. Our house looks better than before the incident. We would highly recommend Showalter Construction to anyone that is considering a reconstruction due to damage.” – Chuck & Pam Yeager

Parents home caught on fire

“Parents home caught on fire, Showalter Construction was outstanding through this tough time. The owner Robert helped assist me with my parents information regarding the process for the home repairs. He gave time line to fix everything and even assisted with attorney’s information. I would recommend Showalter to anyone that is experiencing any disaster recovery events for their home or business. Great job! In addition Robert will walk home owners through the entire process of repair work and ensure everyone understands and he is open for any addition questions. Robert stands by his work and his teams work. He inspects every detail of work.” – Reeche Starks

I lost a good portion of my roof..

“During Hurricane Irma I lost a good portion of my roof, including two bedrooms and a garage. Showalter Construction and Restoration is not a little run by operation. This is a professional team. Not only did they take the stress from me when it came to dealing with the insurance company and the steps to take in the process, but they went above and beyond to help my family and me feel comfortable. They were helpful in finding us a temporary home and being open and honest about the whole process. Not only did Robert have a good and professional team. He was there through the whole process. This company was on time, efficient and legitimately made me feel like they had my best interests in mind. You can tell this company cares about their clients. I would definitely recommend this business to friends and family. ” – Philip Pesko

Wow! What an amazing experience…

“Wow! What an amazing experience working with Robert Showalter, and his entire staff at Showalter Construction, has been. It’s very stressful when your house gets semi destroyed. Another contractor had been hired to redo our upstairs bathroom.They forgot to turn the water off, broke a pipe, and a flood ensued. By the time it was over, we needed not only a new bathroom, but a new kitchen, new hardwood floors, some new walls, and many other things. The list was long. The damage was huge.We weren’t really sure what to do, or who to trust. Insurance was tough to navigate. Many contractors came in with big estimates, and even longer timelines. Then someone recommended we call Robert Showalter. They said he was talented, trustworthy, smart, and knew how to work with insurance companies. It sounded too good to be true. But it wasn’t. In fact, Robert has more than exceeded our expectations. We won’t go into the details of everything Robert has done to make this a stress free experience, but it is worth talking about what separates Robert from every other contractor we have ever worked with. It’s actually a combination of things. One, he is always honest and has an amazing amount of integrity. When he tells you something is going to get done, it gets done. His word is golden. After a few weeks, you don’t even feel you are working with a contractor, but with your own personal contracting advocate. He takes care of your house like it is his. In fact, all of his staff is the exact same way. From his caring and knowledgeable office staff (Mitzi, Ashley and Becki), to his guys in the trenches. (too many to name) Second, he is more knowledgeable about construction than any other contractor we have ever met. He knows it all, and explains it well. There are no surprises or mistakes when Robert Showalter is on the job. And third, if you have to go through insurance, he’s your man. It’s as if he has a master’s degree in the art of working with insurance companies. He is with you every step of the process, making sure you get treated fairly and timely. We couldn’t have done it without him.” – Donna and Scott Sheinberg

I was very pleased with the work completed by Robert Showalter

“I was very pleased with the work completed by Robert Showalter and his team. They were very professional and their work was outstanding. I am glad that I trusted his team! True professionals” – Kelly Gaskell

I moved into a home and later found…

“I moved into a home and later found out that some restoration work had been performed. After some investigative work on my end I found out that Showalter Construction had done the work. I reached out to their office with many questions. The office manager, Mitzi, was very nice and promised to have the owner, contact me. He did, and went out of his way to explain the work that was done. He even provided product information to me which was very helpful. Nice to know that there are businesses out there that care about people, even if not an actual customer.” – Scott Lueken

During a time of disaster …

“During a time of disaster, the last thing an individual should have to do is fight against the greed of wealthy corporations; therefore, it is a godsend that Showalter Construction exists. This professional company becomes that entity in your corner that not only helps you navigate the bureaucracy, but also fights to get you what you are contractually due. During my experience, I recognize how Showalter Construction has been vital in helping me return my property to its pre-hurricane condition. Also, the personal touch of being able to frequently communicate with Robert, Ashley, and Mitzi has been a blessing, and there is no doubt in my mind that my peace of mind is their priority. – Vincent Valletutti

We are extremely pleased with…

“We are extremely pleased with the professionalism and exemplary work completed by Robert Showalter and his team. We had a situation in our kitchen where we experienced water damage from a defect in our dishwasher. We had Robert Showalter come out to scope the work, and present the insurance company with a quote for the repairs that needed to be done. Mr. Showalter was very accommodating in that he worked around my schedule to meet at our home and complete his work. When our insurance company pushed back on the estimate, he helped us through the process. I am very pleased with the work that Showalter Construction put into helping us, and would highly recommend them.” – Robert Gagne

Great people to work with

“Great people to work with. they work with you every step of the way, and communicate with you throughout the process. The office staff is helpful and always ready to answer any questions.” – Richard Matthews

Showalter Construction is amazing

“Showalter Construction is amazing. I have been working with their team from my home in New Jersey. My parents had a flood in their home in July and Showalter Construction has been working with myself and the insurance company trying to put the house back together for my 85 year old parents who have been displaced. Their staff is professional, dependable and extremely trustworthy. I can’t say enough about Robert & his team, who have went above and beyond on this project. Also Project Manager David has been wonderful. Mitzi the office manager is just amazing. I have called her almost twice a week or more for the last few months and she is always pleasant and extremely helpful. She updates me each week on progress of the project. I would highly recommend them for any project. They are wonderful to work with. -Joan Alexander

After Hurricane My Insurance Company …

“My story is the same as a lot of others. After Hurricane Irma, my insurance company sent me a check that would not have even made a dent in the cost of repairs. After getting my own estimates and not the one from their(Ins Company) fly by night after market adjusters they used, I realized I was in trouble. After hearing my story, a local contractor I know recommended I speak with Robert Showalter. They took my problem in hand and have been very professional all the way. They keep you informed on all the steps they take and since then I have received two more checks from insurance and the repairs should be soon on their way. You cant fight the big companies alone. Robert and his staff are very knowledgeable on the ways of the insurance companies and can talk the talk. Be patient as it takes time due to the insurance companies dragging their feet but it will work out.” – Donnie Heither

Recent House Fire with Water Damage

“We recently had a house fire with water damage. The stress of displacement and loss were monumental in addition to the task of following up with our insurance company and hiring a contractor. Initially, we contacted several contractors. Some said no, they don’t do business with insurance or they could not start any time soon. Our insurance company mentioned Paul Davis and Servpro. Servpro told us we did not really need to get other estimates and they wanted us to agree to sign a contract prior to an inspection. Paul Davis failed to follow up after their initial inspection and delayed the process by not providing an estimate in the time frame promised. Having no experience in these matters that specifically related to fire damage, we did due diligence in researching a qualified contractor licensed, skilled and professional who is fully capable of restoring our house to it’s original condition. We were referred to Showalter Construction by another company- not our insurance company. Robert Showalter quickly responded and met with us after hours to go over everything in detail. He patiently answered all our questions. In addition to the tedious nuisances in negotiating with our insurance company, he relieved us of the burden in these matters, insisting that we not experience additional stress. On our behalf, he has communicated directly with our insurance company in a respectful and informed fashion. In a timely manner, he provided us and our insurance company with a detailed scope of work which included excellent photos. Robert has proven to be totally honest and knowledgeable in the full scope of these matters. He has educated us to the process of making our home safe and fully restored following a fire. There are laws governing the safety and coding requirements for a home and for people making the repairs. We respect Robert for providing safety to all even though it increases cost. It should be noted, our insurance company never alerted us to these special conditions/requirements. Robert Showalter DOES NOT do business that way….he will only rehab the right way….by law…. responsibly, correctly and safely for the homeowner and his crew. Our insurance company had initially provided us with a report and check. The report we had received from our insurance company was not complete. Subsequent to Robert’s scope of work, our insurance has so far paid three times what they initially paid. We are now in the midst of having our home restored and Robert is very “hands on” in the process. We are very pleased with our experience with Robert Showalter as well as his office staff. Mitzi, Becki and Ashley have all been very kind and helpful. We highly recommend Showalter Construction.” – Joyce and Sigmon Klein.

My wife and I hired Showalter Construction…Outstanding!

“My wife and I hired Showalter Construction… Outstanding! Hire Them if you need your home Remodeled or if it was damaged by a force of Nature!! Our Insurance company sent out their ‘Preferred Vendor’. What a Nightmare! They underbid everything and worked Closed-Loop with the Insurance Company. Showalter Construction got the Estimate Right, they got the Scope of Work Right, and were extremely professional. The entire staff knows how to work through the Insurance Claims process. They also helped assist us through the Insurance Nightmare. I am an Engineer {with 3 degrees} and when I say Hire them….Do it! They get the Job done Right the 1st Time. Robert and his Staff are really great. Thank You Showalter Construction!” – Stanley Shultz

Showalter Construction was a Godsend

“Showalter Construction was a Godsend for me; most likely providence. I had contacted all the major national flood recovery companies to mitigate my flood damage from Hurricane Florence and only 1 of 4 returned a call. And that company never followed up with a visit and dropped me like I was a nobody. Showalter showed up at my doorstep and Robert introduced himself and began to educate me on the requirements for mitigating the flood damage and all the steps that are necessary. He made me feel like a somebody. He is so well versed in this knowledge that it was a little scary and intimidating….especially for me, an engineer. I would expect that 99% of homeowners are not knowledgeable to know the requirements and steps required and the lack of knowledge and the high cost of mitigation makes it very hard to sign your name to a contract. I will admit I had major reservations before and after signing with Showalter; but Robert and his crew won me over with their professionalism, kindness, courtesy, respect, and most importantly their respect of my damaged home. Their work ethic was top notch and the care to salvage what they could was impressive. They have the best equipment and it shows in that they care for their equipment via maintenance and purchase of top of the line equipment. All of their people were professional, well kept, and always willing to answer questions or even help me with work I was doing to recover the value of my property. Please do not hesitate to use them. In my crisis, they were able to bring expectations that normality would return and that indeed there will be another bright day for my home and my property. 5 Star Review for a 5 Star effort. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and I know I got the value I expected from Robert and his crew” – Eric Gutierrez