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We understand how devastating a disaster like this can be….

While outright hurricanes aren’t everyday occurrences, tropical storms and high winds are fairly common. The rainy season adds its own stresses to buildings simply by deluging them with hundreds of gallons of water in a few minutes. We often suffer from the effects of all of this rain as the water turns buildings and decks into weather beaten -husks in a matter of months.                     

When storm damage happens, contact Showalter Construction & Restoration right away. We’ll perform a damage assessment to eliminate excessive water from floods, roof leaks, broken windows and more! We will also provide a report of all of the damage along with what we believe will be required to fix everything back to normal.

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One of the best things you can do when your home or business has suffered from storm damage is to move quickly to have the water removed. It is also important to seal damaged roofs, windows, pipes and other breaches that would otherwise allow more rain or floodwater to get in. Doing these things can stop mold from getting a foothold in the structure. It will also help prevent water-related damage like warped wood, rotten floors and a multitude of electrical problems.



Contact Showalter Construction & Restoration today to schedule a consultation for our storm damage restoration services. You’ll be glad you acted quickly!  813-752-9372